How To Choose The Right Engine Oil?

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How To Choose The Right Engine Oil?

When you’re in a car, you don’t have much of a say. You can’t choose how it is built or what kind of engine sits under the hood. But when it comes to changing the oil in your vehicle… you get a choice.

Mandal Buick/GMC, serving Mobile, AL, will talk about why it’s essential to use high-quality oil in the first place.

The function of engine oil is pretty simple: It lubricates moving parts and prevents them from wearing out quickly due to friction caused by the regular operation of your vehicle. In other words, it helps extend the life of crucial components like piston rings, crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings, and other engine parts.

Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing Engine Oil

High Viscosity Index

It must have a high viscosity index, which measures the oil’s resistance to flow or thinning as temperature changes. The higher the number, the better an oil will maintain its viscosity at both high and low temperatures for proper lubrication throughout your car’s operating temperature range.

10% More Additives

High-quality engine oils contain about 10% more additives than less expensive brands do. In other words, they have a formula with more detergents that keep the entire engine clean by suspending contaminants in the oil so they can be carried away during each oil change—reducing wear and tear on your engine.

How Does Engine Oil Help?

Engine oil helps keep your engine clean by keeping soot and combustion of by-products in suspension. If left to accumulate, these contaminants will reduce the efficiency of the catalytic converter (if you have one), leaving it less able to convert harmful emissions into less toxic substances.

How To Choose the Right Oil?

Unlike refined oils that are required to be virtually free of impurities, conventional oils are made from crude oil that can contain some metals, acids, and other chemicals that contribute to engine wear.

Refined oils are manufactured under strict controls at every step of the process.

Synthetic motor oil is even more tightly controlled because it is derived through chemical synthesis rather than deriving from crude oil like conventional motor oil is. High mileage (synthetic) motor oil works better than conventional oil at shallow temperatures.

This is an important consideration in colder climates. However, you should note that synthetic motor oil can thicken more quickly in colder weather due to its improved properties.

Choosing the right oil is a daunting task with all these different factors to consider. So what should you look out for? Choose an established brand with everyday ingredients that offer good value for money. As long as it passes the criteria above, you will find the proper engine oil and one that works best with your car!

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