Automotive Industry Trends You Should Look Out For: Self-Driving Cars

January 5th, 2022 by

Automotive Industry Trends You Should Look Out For: Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the future. As we watch them emerge as a new trend in the automotive industry, it’s important to understand what they mean for you. Too often, people think that this will only affect those who own a car or those who work in the automotive industry. However, autonomous vehicles have far broader implications than that. The following blog post discusses some of these implications and how they will change our lives.

Reduction in Traffic Accidents

One significant benefit of self-driving cars is reducing traffic accidents. According to statistics, approximately 90% of car accidents are caused by human error. With autonomous vehicles, this number will drop significantly as most car accidents are caused by distracted, drunk, or negligent drivers. In addition, self-driving cars are also expected to reduce fatalities resulting from traffic accidents as the technology is designed to avoid collisions.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Another benefit of self-driving cars is the reduction in traffic congestion. With an estimated 40% of commuters spending over an hour getting to work, autonomous vehicles could help to alleviate some of this congestion. This is because self-driving cars can travel more closer together than human drivers, which will lead to increased efficiency.

Improved Safety

In addition to reducing congestion, self-driving cars can also improve safety on the road. This is because they can react quicker than humans to potential dangers and communicate with other autonomous vehicles. For example, if an obstacle is detected on the road, the self-driving car will take evasive action.

Many safety features are being developed for autonomous cars, such as pedestrian detection and automatic braking. By eliminating human error, it is estimated that autonomous vehicles could reduce the number of traffic fatalities by up to 90%.

Elimination of Stop-and-Go Waves

One of the main causes of traffic congestion is something called stop-and-go waves. This happens when a lane of traffic comes to a complete stop and then starts moving again, repeating this pattern over and over. Self-driving cars can eliminate these waves as they can smoothly adjust their speed instead of coming to a stop. This will enhance traffic flow and reduce the time vehicles spend stuck in traffic.

Convenient Transportation for Older Folks

One of the biggest benefits that self-driving cars offer is a more convenient form of transportation for older folks. Many older individuals are unable to drive themselves, and as a result, they end up relying on others for rides. With self-driving cars, this will no longer be an issue as people will be able to get around without relying on anyone else.

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