5 Tire Care Facts Every Car Owner Should Know

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5 Tire Care Facts Every Car Owner Should Know

Did you know that your tires can make or break the handling of your car? Tires are important because they offer protection for both the driver and passengers. They also provide traction to make driving easier, smoother, and more fuel-efficient. To increase the life of your tires, here are five facts about tire care every car owner should know!

1) Don’t Neglect Tire Tread

The tread depth on all four tires should be at least 1/16 inch deep when new. This will help reduce hydroplaning by allowing water to escape from under each tire rather than being trapped between them due to excessive pressure in the tire’s contact patch with the pavement. If you notice that the tread on any of your tires has worn down to below this level, replace the tire as soon as possible.

The easiest way to check the tread depth is to use a penny. Place Lincoln’s head upside down into one of the grooves in the tread, and if you can see all of his head, then the tread depth is not good, and the tire must be replaced.

2) Air Pressure

Tire pressure is another important aspect of tire care that many drivers fail to consider when caring for their tires. A properly inflated tire will ensure your safety while driving and help you get the most out of each mile driven on them, increasing both performance and fuel economy in turn.

The recommended pressure levels are typically found on a sticker inside the driver’s side door-frame or in the owner’s manual, and it is important to check them at least once a month.

If you notice that your car is not handling as well as it used to or your gas mileage has decreased since last checked, then most likely, your tires need more air.

3) Don’t Install Mismatched Tires

When you get new tires, ensure to install all four of the same type and size. Putting mismatched tires on your car can cause uneven wear, which will lead to early replacement of those tires and an unbalanced ride.

4) Rotate the Tires Every Oil Change

Rotating your tires every time you get your oil changed is a great way to help them last longer. This simple task takes a few minutes and can be done by any certified dealership mechanic.

5) Tires Need to be Aligned, Too!

Tires can wear unevenly and may need to be aligned more often than you think. If your car seems like it doesn’t handle well while driving, or if you notice that your vehicle is pulling to the right or left when you go in a straight line, your wheels may be out of alignment. This can happen from driving on rough roads, but a certified car mechanic can easily fix it. The alignments should be checked at least once per year.

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